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    Anza Borrego,  Southern California,  Trip Report

    Trip Report and Guide – Borrego Springs and Wild Flower Bloom

    30 second review: Borrego Springs has created a fun hunt of sorts to find all of the sculptures spread through out the town. We highly recommend pairing this with wild flower season, or as a starting point to Anza Borrego State Park Fees: There are no fees to see the sculptures or the wild flower blooms. Camping: If you plan to stay the night in the area there are a few nearby locations. Free Options: Yaqui Pass Primitive Campground which is 2 miles North of Tamarisk Grove on the East side of the road. This is also where you can access Bill Kenyon Overlook Trail Yaqui Wash Primitive Campground (directly…

  • Big Bear,  Southern California,  Trip Report

    Coon Creek Jump Off and 1N30 Trip Review

    Trip Report and Guide – San Bernardino National Forest Coon Creek and 1N30 June 2018 30 second review: We were scoping out potential yellow post camp sites and found plenty of awesome spots. The main road ends at Coon Creek Jump Off and a Cabin for PCT hikers. At this point 1N30 begins which is a fun trail with some great views that’s not too difficult or too long. Fees: It’s free! Access to Coon Creek Jump Off is through Heart Bar Campground in San Bernardino National Forest which can be reserved here. That being said there are plenty of free yellow post sites in this area and all are clearly…

  • Joshua Tree,  Southern California,  Trip Report

    Mom Report – Joshua Tree National Park April 2018

      Mom Report – Joshua Tree National Park April 2018 We already have a write up that goes into the more technical details about visiting Joshua Tree National Park but I wanted to provide a “mom’s perspective” of the same trip for how to do Joshua Tree with your toddler. I have much different concerns than Michael does when we are planning a trip since I am trying to account for all of Ava’s needs, so this post is targeted at addressing all of the little extras that need to be considered when traveling with kids.   Joshua Tree Guide for Kids   The Drive It was only about a 2…

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    Joshua Tree,  Southern California,  Trip Report

    Trip Report and Guide – Geology Tour Road and Berdoo Canyon

    Trip Report and Guide – Geology Tour Road and Berdoo Canyon April 2018   30 second review: Geology Tour Road is an easy offroad trail that guides you through a cross section of Joshua Tree’s many types of geological formations. It’s a nice trail if you want a change from the hiking around Joshua Tree. However, since there isn’t much for kids to do on the ride, I think the best way to experience this trail is to enter through Berdoo Canyon and use the trail as a fun way to enter the park.   Fees: If you start at Geology Tour Road you will have gone through Joshua Tree National…

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    Joshua Tree,  Southern California,  Trip Report

    Trip Report and Guide – Joshua Tree National Park April 2018

    Trip Report and Guide – Joshua Tree National Park April 2018 30 second review: Joshua Tree has plenty to do for families. While this isn’t necessarily overland camping there are plenty of off road trails in the area (including Geology Tour Road and Berdoo Canyon) that you can tack on to your trip. Some of the highlights were hiking trails Hidden Valley and Barker Dam, but one of the best activities was just exploring our campground at Jumbo Rocks.  Fees: Park entrance fee is $25; or you can get an Annual Pass for $80. Campgrounds within the park vary by location but are $15-$20 per night. Alternatively, you can camp on…

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    Mojave,  Southern California,  Trip Report

    Trip Report – Mojave Road May 2015

      Trip Review – Mojave Road May 2015   30 second review: Mojave Road is an epic must do trip. It’s a very long trail with plenty of desert scenery and it’s so remote we only ran across 1 small group of people over 3 days. There’s plenty to explore and we plan to go back and spend at least 4 days.   Fees: None, unless you stay at Afton Campground then it’s less than $10/night. Otherwise just pull off to the side of the road and set up camp. Amenities: None. You’re going to need your own water, fuel, and dig or bring your own toilet. Offroad Difficulty: 2/5 – Most…