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    Gear Review – ICON Cooler & DIBY Review

    Gear Review – Icon Cooler & DIBY Tray 30 second review: The Icon cooler is a premium cooler with some great and unique features that’s made in America. It has one of a kind looks compared to all the other Yeti clones, however the performance is just middle of the road. The DIBY is a great add on that can be used with many coolers – not just the Icon. Disclosure: Icon provided a small discount on the cooler, and provided the DIBY for free in order to review. There are 3 models of the Icon cooler 32, 50, and 75, reflecting the quarts they hold. We tested the 50…

  • Awnings and Tents,  Gear Review

    Gear Review – ARB Awning 2000

    Gear Review – ARB Awning 2000 30 second review: The ARB Awning has got to be my favorite piece of overland equipment on the Tacoma so far. Using it for the first time in the desert might have swayed me, but having instant shade this easy is just fantastic. There is a bit of a learning curve with how the pole’s twist lock works but that is the only negative. There are 3 models of the ARB awning which vary in length and width. We purchased the 2000 (6.5′) model essentially because it looks proportional for the truck. As far as I’m concerned it’s the ‘bigger the better’ when you’re…

  • viair 88p side view
    Gear Review,  Recovery Gear

    Gear Review – Viair 88P

    Gear Review – Viair 88P 30 second review: This is about as small of a compressor as you can get that still has enough power to pump tires that your overlanding rig probably has. I think it fits the bill perfectly as long as you know its limitations which are namely just how long it takes to reach the psi you’re looking for. Operation Instructions: Running┬áthe compressor is dead simple Make sure the compressor itself is off first. Pop your hood and attached the battery leads to the positive (red) then negative (black). Screw the air hose chuck onto your tire’s valve stem. Turn the compressor on. Monitor the pressure…

  • falken wildpeak at3w long term review
    Gear Review,  Tires

    Long Term Review – Falken Wildpeak A/T3W (Update: March 2019)

    Long Term Review – Falken Wildpeak AT3W (Update: March 2019) 30 second review: First impressions are the Falken Wildpeak tires look really aggressive (awesome) on the Tacoma. Compared to my previous tires – which weighed 6 lbs less – the acceleration on flats is about the same if not slightly quicker. Acceleration uphill seems to require a bit more power but I’ll update on that in my next post. The most noticeable feature however is that the Wildpeaks have virtually no road noise. I actually heard the sound of wind instead of the drone of my tires on the drive home from the tire shop. Check back as I will…