About Us

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Our Approach

Welcome to Ava Overlander! This is a little blog about camping and overland camping on the west coast with an emphasis on traveling as a family. We want to give our daughter Ava a deep appreciation of nature, but  we aren't quite brave enough to take a toddler backpacking. We've chosen to go the overland camping route so we can still get out into the back country a bit and away from established campgrounds as much as possible.

Our Story

We decided to start this blog because we were trying to plan Ava's first camping trip. Michael was frustrated by how difficult it was to find the trip information he wanted and Bri was frustrated trying to find tips for taking a toddler along. We decided that we could make a great blog with all the details of our overland adventures including maps, GPS information, photos, gear recommendations, as well as recipes, packing lists, and suggestions for traveling with kids.